Black Madonna


Black Madonna 2009

Since 2009 the Black Madonna travels through the world and “visits” anyone who is interested in their own home. Its soothing stillness and strength touches you deep inside. Letting go of all the problems, concerns, expectations and needs becomes easy. You will be kept as a child in its mother’s arms.

The power of the Black Madonna gives you the ability to completely surrender and accept life as it is. Thus, it is possible for the big soul  to work through you and your life can develop harmoniously and free, corresponding to your true nature.

The Black Madonna currently is with:
Till and Christina, Raubling

The following people would like to invite the Madonna:
Stefan, Frankfurt

If you want to have the Madonna at your home, write me and I put you on the list.

Please tell me if you know someone who wants to have the Madonna and send me the contact details of this person.

I am very happy if you give me 1-2 sentences about what touched you the most of the Madonna. I put the quotes gradually to this page so that everyone can enjoy.


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