Workshop – Voice of Intuition


Intuition.Workshop to discover and practice your inner voice of intuition.

How do I find and go the way that suits me? How do I know when something is to be done? And what? How do I tell if I thereby get support?

Our intuition is a powerful tool for the perception of one’s own life path, for  large and small decisions and for creating our lives and our relationships holistic and satisfactory.
If we give not only the voice of our thoughts but also the voice of intuition in us room, we experience ourselves as part of life and feel less alienated. We “flow” with the moments and develop out of the present new opportunities rather than to decay in head-controlled resistances and struggles.

In this basic seminar, we learn how our intuition shows and expresses. Various techniques to use the intuition will be presented and practiced.



21. February 2015
2-5:30 p.m.Costs
€ 40 p.P. (reduced from 32 € on)Course location
Prima Sige, P-Berg, 10437 Berlin.Registration
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31. May 2014
12-15.00 p.m.Costs
€ 30 p.P. (reduced from 20 € on)Course location
Assisi (Italy).Registration
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