Katharina Daboul (english)

“To show people their very own path and to help them through their process to come into their own hearts, their own truth and wholeness –  I dedicate myself to this task with deep joy!”       Katharina Daboul


Basics of my work

Inner Silence is for me the key to personal and universal wisdom. By learning to listen to the voice of my heart, I can learn to recognize my inner truth. Thus I come to terms with myself. I experience deep peace. New strength arises in me. I can finally let go of my limitations and cease to lock me against life. I agree completely to my truth and begin to live my life with great joy and approval.

What I have learned and worked

  • Certified family constellation leader,  retreat leader and meditation teacher, coach for internal and creative processes, musicologist and book scientist
  • many years of training with Bruce Davis (PhD psychology and teachers of Western and Eastern spirituality) and Michaela Kaden (teaching therapist of the German Society for Systemic Constellations) since 2001
  • continuos studies in the meditation discipline of Buddhism, christian mystics, Hinduism and Raja-Yoga
  • extension studies in the domains of systemic receptive fields (Creative Systemic Perception CSP)
  • extension studeis in Human Design System and reading the Gene Keys inspired by RIchard Rudd
  • multiple trainings in the domains of energy receptive fields (shamanism, Light Grids techniques Reiki Master)
  • since 1999 working with adolescents and adults in creative processes in theater and opera companies and CEO, dramaturg and moderator in theater and opera companies (2003-2012)
  • since 2002 working  as coach to support personal realignment
  • since 2010 meditation teacher of heart-based meditation in Western and Eastern traditions
  • since 2013 Retreat leader in Germany and Retreat dircetor of the Assisi Simple Peace Retreat Center
  • since 2013 family constellation leader in Germany
  • private practice in Karlsruhe and Berlin

Insights of my work

My own experience with a wide variety of wisdom and meditation teachings taught me something very simples, yet extraordinary: All knowledge, all doctrines and every tradition can be focused on an essence – a key concern which is the core of the teaching. Similarly, all teachings can be traced back on a single path.

This essence, the inner truth of all things and all life, is also in us. Symbolically in german one speaks of “the heart of things” or the “center of our being.” In my work I lead the people right there: in the center of their being and thus in their own truth.