Life Guidance

life guidance.

Personal Counseling

Human Beeings are creatures that move in various contexts and communicate on most different levels. Body, emotions, thoughts and the appearance of each person harbor a wealth of information. These will be carefully considered at the personal counseling. I help you to come back into the connection with yourself, with your own heart’s desires and into your own power. Emotions and thoughts become clear. The personal life path reveals itself and next steps are possible again.


In the holistic view of life the person and his or her life in all its complexity is perceived and transformed.
By the attentive, loving perception with openness and gratitude for life and that what IS, the own deep personal way can show itself without any effort. I consider mind and body just as the soul and the deep connections between the individual and the whole. Through this work an extensive transformation takes place.

In the one and a half to two and a half hour session all the teachings incorporated together, I have learned over the years:
Heart based coaching, family systems truths, energetic diagnosis and cleaning, shamanic trance and soul travels and of course the spiritual heart teachings of Eastern and Western schools of meditation.

As the experience has shown: in one to three sessions already huge internal steps are possible, wich connect you back to your own true self.

Subjects may be:
– Desire for realignment and clarification in the private, relational and professional life
– Self-discovery and self-understanding to a depth level
– Decision-making and desire for clarity for your own life path
– Resolving blocking life and (re-)action patterns
– Come to terms with the past and integrate soul parts
– Clarification of family issues
– Overcoming anxiety, nervousness, restlessness and stress
– Nonspecific grief, sorrow processes
– Emotional discomfort
– Physical or psychological discomfort
– Desire for spiritual growth and experience of spiritual wholeness

I gladly lead you through your process and clarify your issues and your life path with you.

Further information and appointment setting via phone or email.