…Comments from participants

Danke!“Thank you for this afternoon oasis. Thank you.” (R., South Germany)

“You made my LIFE richer, deeper. For ALL, many thanks of my heart!” (E., Bad Grönenbach)

“Never before have I found it so easy to let go and to embrace what is.” (R., Bad Grönenbach)

“Finally, I can feel my inner space!” (K., South Germany)

“Warmed up and harmonious I go home again – thank you for your loving, inspiring leadership, you are a gift.” (B., Hamburg)

“Katharina works from her heart. This is felt by all who come openhearted near her. Personally, I make the most of her work, she inspired me to go more into me and to find my way into my own heart. She teaches in a loving way where I can still search and look. thank you 🙂 ” (I., Hamburg)

“Here you can truly relax and be yourself! Within a beautifully decorated room Katharina accompanied empathetic meditations and personal search for problems or deadlocks. I always came out with a new insight, new swing and big peace . A little oasis in the hustle and bustle of the city in which the word ‘heart’ falls not only frequently, but is very much alive. Thank you, Katharina, for monitoring me for so long time. May many people will be touched so nice as I got touched and still are.” (A., Berlin)

“Your voice is so beautiful and carries just deep into our heart and beeing. You guided us into sacred space. This has been a very special week full of truth, joy and wonder. Thank you.” (S. & H., Norway)

“I took so much out of the retreat, it has been a huge enlightment. You have a real gift to teach and to bring people into their inner truth. You give al your heart and it’s so wonderful to receive all of it. I’m so much looking forward to the next one with you here in Assisi.” (J., UK)

“Thank you for your reaching and guidance. It really has helped me to find deeper understanding what really is important in my life and how to continue my practice and my journey of life.” (E., Finnland)

“My retreat was amazing. Katharina, was as a gentle gem. I so enjoyed her style. The Shaman healing she carried out on me was very personal and meaningful. There were times that I did feel lonely, but Katharina changed my perspective to rather see this as a beautiful gift to (re)connect with my inner self in a deeper way.”(S., New Zealand)

“Even when I moved away from Berlin, I can’t forget the great meditation sessions that I was able to experience with you. I want to thank you, that I felt and discovered the light with you. Thank you also that I could learn from you to know myself better. The echo of your wisdom and kindness I can still hear!” (I., Spain)

“The way how you have conducted the retreat weekend has helped me to progress with my inner work. I can not recall that I’ve ever come before in such a long and intense silence. You have the talent to brilliant convey the power to open the heart. “(G., Hamburg)

“I am flooded with gratitude. Thank you!” (R., Hamburg)

“Thank you for this wonderful quiet, wholesome place. A nourishing silence is here for me to experience. Thank you.” (U., Lübeck)

“Thank you for the wonderful retreat! … The silence still resonates within me .. and also back in everyday life I enter still this inner quiet room .. and I am glad!” (I. Hamburg)

“THANK YOU from all my heart. It is a pleasure that my intuition had led to you!” (B., Berlin)


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