Family, life and work constellation day in Karlsruhe, Berlin and Assisi

Family constellation for work, health relationship and life questions.
“Family Constellation” is a work that brings families, work, relationships, soul and life into peace and balance again.
We all live in an environment surrounded from people. So we all are affected of our relationships. As we are subconscious about it we don’t realize how much we suffer inside when something is not in peace, not solved or not freely spoken of. The work of „family constellation” is a tool were you can look „behind“ the curtain and watch what holds you back in your life or what wants to be lived right now.
This work puts that what you want to look at into the room – members of the group are picked to representate the person or situation you struggle with and the „field“ that we are all living in takes over and leads the people  to show what is solved and unsolved until you can see the next step for your life and soul.
When you feel that you have longings in your soul and heart but you don’t know exactly what, when you suffer from an illness or a relationship in your life, when you have problems with work or money or just have the feeling somethings missing….or when you are just curious….you are welcome to participate on that special day.
The seminar is hold in english and german.
Please bring comfortable clothes and thick socks with you.

Date and Costs
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