Meditation Berlin and Karlsruhe

meditation in Berlin and Potsdam.

Meditation teaching & workshops in Berlin and Karlsruhe


A regular meditation practice is essential for a peaceful, truthful and powerful life. Everyone can learn to experience one’s life more happy and fulfilled.


The offered classes help you to stay aware in your daily life and to live from the depths of your heart.



regular meditation group  – meditation teaching with Satsang
the local groups are stopped (an online meditation group is planned.)

There are as many variants of meditation as there are differences in human character. For every person a different approach, a different picture, is reasonable,  that responds with this very person and brings one deeper into the heart and the moment. Each evening a special theme of meditation or a particular approach to the inner wisdom will be offered. The subject is initially presented briefly and the subsequent meditation is discussed. Silent Meditation itself is about 30-45-minute. After meditation the experience of the group is discussed and deepened in Satsang.

Some evenings the group has the opportunity to have a completely guided meditation through words and music. The energy of the moment and the being of the participants dynamically flow into the guided meditation. Each individual has the opportunity to sink deep into the own soul center and to be there effortlessly. Guided meditations have a very beneficial effect on human health and soul, and also serve as a stimulus for the personal meditation practice.

The evening is suitable for beginners and experienced meditators.
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theme workshops
In the workshops certain meditation themes and inner wisdom are picked up and made intensively experienced through meditation, teachings and guided exercises. The horizon of experience of each participant widens and deeper knowledge of the correlations of life is possible.
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Transformation retreats in Assisi and at the Baltic Sea
Intensiv workshop day for inner clarification and re-orientation.
Retreat schedule…


For all meditation groups:
Please wear wide, loose-fitting clothing, consider to bring sweatpants if necessary.
Information about course fees.