Assisi Retreat Italien – POWER OF THE HEART

6-Day Retreat vacation in Assisi (Umbria, Italy)



Give yourself the gift of transformation, self centering and happiness and connect to the unique energies of Assisi.

The pilgrim town of Assisi, built of pink stones, is located on a hill near the Monte Subasio. The wide view into the lowlands opens our limited everyday look. The Holy Pilgrim places from Francis and Clare of Assisi inspire and support our own experience of meditation and the gentle, silent hills nourish the soul and the heart and bring us back in touch with the beauty of life.assisi farm mt-subasio

The week of retreat and meditation in Assisi helps the participants to return to their inner source of wisdom, joy and life’s simplicity. Vacation from everyday life and the slip-in into the deep silence and nurturing power of Assisi, align ourselves again to live our lives with gratitude and recognition of the essential. Thus, the view gets wide and open to the possibilities and transformation that lie before us.
The vacation retreats in Assisi offer you the experience to step deeply into the mystery of life and of your own existence. It is an intense experience that enables huge development and realization steps in life.



A review of the last Assisi retreats in Italy you find here…


Again in 2019 (exact dates to follow)
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(min. 3 – max 10 participants per retreat)

The Assisi retreat takes place ones a year.

There is also the possibility to book individual retreats for individuals and couples between 4-10 days. Request information via email.

The retreat begins at the arrival day at 7 or 8 pm – depending on the arrivals of participants – with evening meditation and ends the departure day after morning meditation at 10 am. Daily heart centering meditation at special places in Assisi and in the surrounding nature, leads you into the experience of returning home into you. In addition to daily meditation, there are still meetings, satsangs, movement meditation and group excursions. Every day there are also plenty of time for yourself and to explore Assisi and the surrounding area.

Individual sessions (holistic coaching) can be booked individually during your stay.

385 € seminar costs.
Plus individually booked accomodation (around 120-250 Euros depending on your wishes).

Assisi weg zu AAccomodations
Accommodation is self-organized. We are happy to help with the booking. In Assisi, there are numerous Hotels, inns and monastery rooms, so that for “every purse” is a place to find.
Our recommendation is to book in the guest house close to the upper borders of Assisi. This guest house is a former monastery and is off the tourist paths. It has simple and very quiet rooms and a small kitchen for self-catering. A beautiful terrace with views of Assisi and a flower-filled garden courtyard provide additional comfort.

The arrival organize the participants individually. There are cheap flights with Airberlin (Rom or Florence), Easyjet (Rom) and Ryanair (Perugia). From Rome and Florence to Assisi there is a convenient train connection. A taxi or the bus covers the final journey to Assisi town. From Perugia airport you can take a taxi to Assisi (around 30 Euros).
You register through the registration form.
More Information
You can find all and more information as well here…
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  10 comments for “Assisi Retreat Italien – POWER OF THE HEART

  1. Elisa N., United Kingdom
    5. April 2014 at 13:24

    Wonderful silent stay retreat! –
    I have enjoyed both my stays at Assisi retreat, the first at 2012 and the second at 2013. I went there to find connection to my inner self, enhance my meditation practise and simply to enjoy beautiful surroundings and silence. I was greeted with wonderful atmosphere and lovely surroundings. I particularly want to thank Katharina for her kind, wise and honest guidance. The peace that I experienced at her retreat stayed with me for a long time after the retreat. Im looking forward to the day when I can return to Assisi again. At the end of the retreats people were requesting a possibility to stay longer and that is what I would have wanted to do as well

  2. Regin K., England
    19. April 2014 at 12:54

    No words could express my gratitude for the beautiful time we spent together!
    I enjoyed every minute of my stay in this blessed place. Katharina was an angel. A shining light. Peace and love can be found there. It is very difficult to describe my experience because it is in my heart and soul. I wish I could stay longer and I certainly will go back…I want to express my gratitude!

  3. Linda D., USA
    26. April 2014 at 10:36

    The retreat was AMAZING. You have helped me so much! I have felt so much healing here with you! You are a very special person with a very special gift. You are knowledgable, kind, helpful and very funny. Just an overall joy to be around. Thank you for sharing. Please accept our hearfelt thanks for creating such a wonderful retreat. I for one will hold it in a special place in my heart forever.

  4. Regina A., United Kingdom
    2. May 2014 at 14:46

    I thank for all you have given to us, your time, your teachings. A beautiful awakening! It was like an opening doors to me and to the others… I’m thinking of going back, but don’t know when yet.
    I started reading a book for meditation:
    “Once you have found yourself, you have found your home, you have found your love, you have found your inexhaustible ecstasy, you have found that the whole of existence is ready for you to dance, to rejoice, to sing – to live intensively and to die blissfully. These things happen of their own accord.”

    So you see, Katharina, you open that door that needed to be open, and I intend to proceed!

    I wish you plenty of happy moments and peace.

  5. Laurie, USA
    18. June 2014 at 11:27

    Dear Katharina,
    Thank you so much! I had a wonderful time in Assisi! I do hope our paths cross again.
    This was such a meaningful retreat for me and taught me so much about trust and feeling that inner peace.

  6. Ronald, Indonesia
    18. June 2014 at 11:28

    Dear Katharina,
    yes, thanks so much for your kindness during our retreat. It was truly a remarkable one and I hope I can continue to experience this inner peace inside my heart. My prayer is always with you.

  7. Clover, USA
    18. June 2014 at 11:28

    Absolutely agree. It was a blessed time.
    Be in touch!

  8. Julia, Australia
    9. December 2014 at 23:55

    My experience at the Assisi retreat was just wonderful and the setting idyllic. The farmhouse, surrounded by beautiful mountains was the perfect setting for a meditation retreat. Each morning we awoke to the sounds of birds singing and the peace of couldn’t have been more serene.
    I spent 5 days there and each day had a very gently rhythm. We were led through – morning and evening meditations as well spiritual movement sessions. Katharina, the retreat leader was a very gentle and intuitive guide and was very attuned to the needs of the group. I also had a Reiki session with Katharina which was very healing and relaxing.
    I am very grateful for the opportunity to spend time here and would recommend it to anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and nature.

  9. Lin, United States
    9. December 2014 at 23:58

    My experience at this retreat will hold a special spot within my heart and soul for the rest of my life. I felt peace, acceptance and contentment that I have never felt before in my life. The natural beauty of Umbria surrounds the comfortable farmhouse making it an ideal place for peaceful meditation and reflection. I learned that I can actually sit and meditate for 20 minutes at a time and honestly enjoy it. Our hostess, Katharine was just wonderful. She not only lead the meditation sessions but taught us how to meditate effectively. Katharina’s kind, caring and humorous nature set a remarkable tone for my entire three week stay. Each day after meditation I would either go into Assisi as a tourist or stay at the retreat and read, write, draw, nap or walk the glorious surrounding hillsides. Afterwards I could fix myself dinner in the kitchen which is fully stocked with dishes, pots and pans and linens. My stay at the retreat was one of the best vacations of my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I don’t think my time there could have been more perfect!

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